Finalmente! The Caprese joins the 21st Century!

Welcome to the Caprese Restaurant in Glasgow’s new blog!  We decided that since we have had a wonderful new makeover in the restaurant (due to our flooding disaster in January), we needed to keep with the times and get all technical!  We are in the process of building a website, who knows how long that will take but the thought is there and when that is up and running we will let you know.

We just newly re-opened our doors last Friday after being closed for 2 months.  The builders have done a magnificent job even though there are a few bits and pieces still to be finished (isn’t that always the way with builders?).  Our old customers won’t be disappointed though, we have left a few wires hanging out of walls just for those with nostalgia for the old place, the Caprese wouldn’t be the Caprese without a few imperfections!  Unfortunately we did lose quite a few photographs in the flood but we did manage to save some and these are now adorning the walls in frames (the builder was horrified that we would think of stapling them directly on the wall as before!).  So little by little we are getting there and we will have the place looking “lived in” very shortly.  Costanzo is complaining it looks too perfect but we love it!  It’s a pleasure coming to work in nice surroundings and we are so pleased to be open again, we actually missed working!

So, that’s all for now with our first post.  Enjoy the blog which we promise we will keep updating with any news.

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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3 Responses to Finalmente! The Caprese joins the 21st Century!

  1. Dania Cacace says:

    This is my dads restaurant, and I must say that it looks quite different to the place I knew when growing up from the age of 7. However I know the food has not changed, as its still the best in Glasgow, I may be bias but I have pretty good palate having eaten the finest, freshest, foods cooked by my father and the ‘family’ in Capri!

    My son Ronan (12) would also agree as he loves his Nonno’s cooking, and visits him every Sunday for a lovely plate of pasta, a nice fillet steak, or even his one time favourite ‘lobster’ cooked his Nonno’s way!

    Unfortunately I don’t work here anymore as I decided to work in HR, for some reason, lol, but you will see my ‘gorgeous’ big sisters Ilia and Lidia who work at the Caprese, when you visit!

    Hope to see you there soon and we will keep you updated on the progress of the new website.

    Best Regards

    Dania Cacace

  2. Thanks Dania. Dania may be biased but she tells the truth! Dania is our resident computer expert and is busy working on our new website as we speak so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

  3. Lucy Bell says:

    This restraunt is owned by my nonno!!I love him and his food soo much lol !!!
    When you come to vistit Restraunt Caprese you will meet the best staff ever!!! They aree My Mum (Lidia) My Aunty (Ilia),Jo,Chistine and Ovbiously my grandad hope you visit soon love you all Lucy Bell xxxxxxx

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