Dirty Tactics or Constructive Criticism?

Whilst trawling the web for reviews of  The Caprese Restaurant, I came across one which made me laugh but also made me a tiny bit suspicious of its author and the motives behind the review.  Now, as a restaurant, we are bound to have people who are not 100% happy about some aspect of their experience, whether it be a dislike of a particular dish, the service they were given etc etc.  This sort of criticism is very rare in our experience but sometimes things do happen as they can with any restaurant.  Constructive criticism can be good because it highlights areas where things can be improved and although no-one likes to be criticised, we have to take it on the chin and accept it.

This particular review though offered no constructive criticism and instead resorted to personal attacks on both the owner and the food that was served.

“The chap (owner?) who seemed to be ‘floating’ about the restaurant with a strange Italian accent was quite irritating”.

“Food was inedible, tasted like the majority was supermarket bought”.

“For the quality of food, it was totally over-priced”.

“I would never go back”.

A strange Italian accent?  He’s Italian, that’s the way he speaks.  If someone is irritated by an Italian accent then they shouldn’t be eating in an Italian restaurant.  Yes, he does float around the restaurant speaking to customers, in-between cooking their meals and choosing their wine, he’s a good floater!  It’s what the majority of our customers enjoy and it is what he does best.  In fact, many of our customers when they call to reserve a table ask specifically if Costanzo will be there that night and if on the rare occasion that he is away, then they postpone their visit until he is back!  He provides a good floor show, he makes a fuss of the women and insults their husbands (tongue in cheek of course) and provides us with a lot of laughs.

I cannot think of a single occasion when our food has been inedible.  To describe it as “supermarket bought”  is a gross insult to the hard work that Costanzo puts in to the preparation of his sauces, his soups, pate etc  all freshly prepared on the premises.  On a daily basis, he is out first thing in the morning to the markets for fresh vegetables, fish and meats, all sourced from the best of suppliers and not a supermarket to be seen.  He puts in a lot of time and effort and is incredibly proud of his “creations”.

So having read that review it got me thinking.  Did this person actually set foot in the restaurant?  His/her review (they remained anonymous) was so far from the truth that is seemed there was an ulterior motive for their comments.  Could it be that a rival restaurant is responsible for trying to blacken our good name?  Glasgow is a city full of restaurants and competition can be fierce in these hard times so are some people resorting to dirty tactics?  On a daily basis, we have false bookings made, people who make a booking under a false name and give an invalid telephone number and then do not show up for their reservation.  This has been going on for years and it is quite well-known that other restaurants do that to fill up your tables so that you “appear” to be full and have to turn away other customers.  Why, I don’t know.

So I thought I would just share with you all that lovely review and see what you think yourselves.  There is no need for nastiness which is oozing out of those comments but we are certainly not worried about it, our food and Costanzo speak for themselves!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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2 Responses to Dirty Tactics or Constructive Criticism?

  1. corey costanzo mason says:

    I truly believe that the restaurant caprese is the best Italian restaurant in glasgow because of my nonno he puts in allot of effort and time he is the won tht made this work and I am so proud of my nonno lots of love ure grandson corey xx

    • Corey, you would bring a tear to a glass eye! I couldn’t have put it better myself. Nepotism at its finest! So when are you coming back in to work for a night then Corey? This boy has potential folks, takes after his nonno!

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