What a relief!  Things are finally moving within Europe with the flight ban having been lifted late yesterday evening.  For six days it has caused chaos for people all over the world with many of them still stuck abroad and desperately waiting for someone to rescue them!  Not only have travellers been affected but also all kinds of businesses have suffered due to the non movement of aircraft in and out of Europe.   Kenya, being the biggest supplier of freshly cut flowers to Europe and also provider of exotic fruits and vegetables to this market, were left in a very difficult position having a huge stock-pile of fresh flowers left rotting in warehouses with no way of transporting them.  Relying solely on cargo planes, this has meant that there is now a shortage of fresh flowers and fruits in UK supermarkets which causes prices to increase for everyone.  Thankfully now that the flight restrictions have been lifted, things can gradually get back to normal for everyone but it will be a very slow process.

We have also noticed that Glasgow has been quieter than normal.  It is usually a quiet time over the two-week Easter holiday with many people heading off to hotter climes during the school break.  Monday past would have been the first day back to school and work for those who were lucky enough to get away for the break and usually you see a massive increase in traffic on the roads but not this week.  Roads have been very quiet which is very unusual for Glasgow and there seem to be less people in the city!  Perhaps they are all stuck abroad!  The Caprese has not been unaffected by this travel ban either.  Many of our customers work for international companies and entertain their clients in The Caprese.  A few of our bookings this week have had to be re-scheduled due to customers being stuck in the US, Australia and Europe so we are hugely relieved that the flights are running again and we can get back to business as usual.

Talking of things “international”, we have to thank the Melbourne based online newspaper “The Age” who have written a nice article about Buchanan Street in Glasgow and have given us a great little write-up!  I’m assuming that they visited us at some point recently to have said such nice things about us so if you are reading this, please let us know when you were in!   Kristie Kellahan is the author of the article which can be found here – so thank you to Kristie for the mention, it is very much appreciated and we hope you enjoyed your trip to Glasgow!   This also clears up the mystery of why we had so many visitors from Australia on our blog this week!  Don’t you just love modern technology!

So, it’s back to work now to create more fantastic dishes and take photographs of them.  The customers are wondering why we are running around with a camera taking photos of their dinner but it’s all for a good cause, I need to have something to blog about!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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