Shontelle bigs up The Caprese!

lNo, this isn’t another feature on our Delicious Dishes section, different kind of Dish today!  The gorgeous lady on the right is a singer originally from Barbados named Shontelle.  Shontelle and her band visited us last year when she was on tour with Beyonce and also supported New Kids on the Block in the same year.  We remember them very well and we’re happy that they enjoyed their time in The Caprese so much so that Shontelle has written a great little piece on us!  Thank you so much Shontelle, it’s always nice to know that people have had a great experience with us!  Here is Shontelle’s take on the Caprese:-

Please tell us about a “hidden gem”– like a non-touristy, neighborhood restaurant– you’ve found in your travels.

I found a hidden gem in Glasgow while on tour with Beyonce. We took a walk down Buchanan Street in search of food that wasn’t bland and boring (we had been eating a lot of food like that in the U.K.) and stumbled upon a tiny little door in a wall. We saw the colors of the Italian flag and thought, you know, some of the best pizza in NYC isn’t from chains but mom-and-pop joints or hole-in-the-wall shops. The antique sign said, “Costanzo’s Caprese Restaurant.” We opened the squeaky door, walked down a steep, dark stairwell and were greeted right at the bottom by none other than Costanzo himself. He was so… Italian! I loved it! He talked with his hands and his smile may as well have been tatted on. Little wooden tables and chairs and the walls plastered with photos of tons of famous people and families who have eaten there. I never expected to find the best-tasting Italian food I ever had outside of NYC or Italy itself! But I did, in Glasgow, Scotland, of all places. Costanzo and his wife prepare the dishes themselves, with minimal help, and wow, is it tasty. Best sausage ever and the lobster ravioli put me in a bliss coma. Costanzo comped our wine and then gave us celebratory limoncello shots! I’ve never laughed so much and enjoyed any restaurant experience that much.

There was a terrible flood recently that I believe made a mess of Costanzo’s, and I know they had to refurbish. It probably doesn’t quite look the same anymore, but I’m sure the food and atmosphere and are still as enchanting. Hopefully Costanzo is still on deck. I will visit anytime I’m in Glasgow.

Here’s the restaurant’s official blog:

Here is a critic’s blog singing the praises of Costanzo:

Thanks again Shontelle and we hope to see you soon if you come back to Glasgow.  For those of you who don’t know Shontelle, have a listen to her latest single Impossible, we like it!

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