A Plea to our Customers – Please book to avoid disappointment!

These past few weeks have been hectic at the Caprese hence why the blog has been updated regularly.  The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall has started their concert season and we are getting all of our regulars back in for their pre-concert dinners.  Apart from the concert goers, Glasgow has become very busy, especially at the weekends.  Recession, what recession!?


Since we have been so busy, especially on Saturday nights, we have had to turn away so many people, a lot of them being regulars, which we do not like doing.  A perfect example being last Saturday when we could have filled the restaurant twice over but we were fully booked for the entire night and unable to fit another person in!  If you are thinking of coming in, please call us a few days before if possible and reserve your table especially for Fridays and Saturdays.


We still don’t have a definite date of closure but we do know it will be after January next year so there is not much time left to come in and say goodbye to our little restaurant before it is flattened by the bulldozers!  Our Christmas menu is now showing on the blog with not even a sniff of turkey so give us a call to celebrate ours and your very last Christmas in The Caprese.  The end of an era is closer than you think!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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2 Responses to A Plea to our Customers – Please book to avoid disappointment!

  1. Robin Russell says:


    I’m currently in Spain with Mrs Russell (Pat) and have just read about bookings. We will also be in Spain from 7 January until 4 February. Christina was going to let me know about availability in February as close to the closing date as possible. Will it be possible to make a booking for Saturday 19th February at any time from 7.30pm for two (or maybe three) people.
    Thanks and best to everyone

    • jo says:

      Hi Robin. Lucky you being in Spain when we are all snowed in here! We’ve put you in for Saturday 19th Feb at 7.30pm for 3 people. If you can let us know nearer the time if you will be 2 or 3, that would be great. Have fun in Spain and enjoy what sunshine you can get! Take care and see you in February!

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