Another Hectic Week Full of Birthdays!

What a week!  Things have been quiet on the blog recently due to the lack of time to post anything.  Last Friday we celebrated the 60th Birthday of one of our very regular customers, Mr Jamie Cumming of Brewin Dolphin. Jamie has been coming to the Caprese for a long time along with his colleagues at Brewin Dolphin and it was only fitting that he celebrated his big birthday Caprese style.  Along with his family and his closest colleagues, they dined on the best Scotch fillet amongst other things and the best of wine for this special occasion.  His colleagues had arranged a fantastic Millefoglie cake which you can see above and thankfully it was big enough for all of us to get a piece, it was so tasty!  A big thanks to all of the guests for making Jamie’s birthday special for him.  Happy Birthday Jamie!


It’s been birthdays galore this week as you can see from the other photo posted above.  Costanzo likes to get his special Caprese birthday cake out for these occasions to make it a bit more special!  Last night we had that “special cake” out three times, one for a lady dental nurse who was having her leaving night at the Caprese, one for one of our brokers who was celebrating with his friends with some lovely vino and one for a young couple who were in for their very first visit to celebrate his 21st birthday. Needless to say, the first timers were slightly bemused and wondered what kind of establishment they had entered into when Costanzo decided to embarrass the poor boy by turning off all of the lights and singing Happy Birthday to him with “the cake” all covered in candles.  We think they enjoyed it though as they were the last to leave so hopefully we didn’t frighten them too much!


Just a quick update for the sweet lovers out there.  We have cannoli back on the menu!  It’s been difficult to get a hold of but we searched high and low and we now have it back!  Costanzo has been slaving away in the kitchen creating his gorgeous apple pie also so our sweet trolley (just ask to see it, Costanzo has a great sweet trolley) is bursting at the seams with tempting things!


That’s all for now.  We have another really busy weekend ahead of us so remember, book ahead of time, we hate turning people away!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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