That was the year that was.

Time is flying by at a frightening pace this year.  It seems like only yesterday that we were enjoying our summer holidays and bringing you the news that we were closing down sometime after Christmas.  Now Christmas is almost upon us and knowing that it is going to be our last ever in the Caprese is a very strange feeling.

It has been a year of ups and downs for us.  We started off the year badly with our horrendous flood and the severe damage it caused meant we had to start all over again.  Photos destroyed, walls and ceilings falling down around us, it was not a pleasant sight.  Three months of closure and we re-opened our brand new refurbished, shiny little restaurant, proud of how it looked considering the amount of damage that had occurred.  Our re-opening was a long time coming for some of our regulars who (in their words) had to endure mediocre lunches and dinners in a variety of other places whilst they waited for us to open.  It seems unbelievable that given the vast amount of eateries in the Glasgow area, that they could not find somewhere that offered the same quality but they couldn’t.  It isn’t only the food they come for though, it’s atmosphere and the family touch that not many places offer these days.  So many restaurants are now part of chains that they have lost their personal touch which is sad.

It has also been a year of happiness.  We have two family weddings to look forward to next year, one of which was an emotional proposal that seen the gentleman in question go down on one knee in The Caprese to pop the question.  Craig chose to do this in The Caprese knowing that we would not be there for much longer which was a nice touch.  So a big congratulations to Costanzo’s daughter Lidia and her future husband Craig who will tie the knot May of next year!

The news that Costanzo had sold the restaurant in June brought mixed emotions to all of us.  On one  hand, it was a relief that the whole saga was finally over and we could move on with our lives.  On the other hand though was a deep sadness that a chapter of our lives was coming to a close.  25 years is a long time and some would say that it is only bricks and mortar but those bricks and mortar hold a lot of special memories for the family which cannot be erased by a fleet of bulldozers.  When the final day arrives when we have to walk out that door never to return, it will be with a heavy heart.  We still do not know when we will finally close our doors but we do know that it will be after January of next year so keep reading the blog if you are not able to come in on a regular basis and as soon as we know, you will know.

Another happy event we celebrated this year was Costanzo’s 60th birthday.  It took a lot of planning but we made his day as special as possible considering he wanted to keep it low-key!  In hindsight, the kilt outfit we bought him was a genius idea considering he now has 2 major events to wear it to next year! And he thought he would never wear it!

The great thing about this year has been the amount of new faces we are seeing in the restaurant.  People who have been passing us by for years are finally having the courage to venture in.  Having been put off by the exterior initially, they have realised what they have been missing out on all those years.  Costanzo loves it when he gets a new audience for his old jokes!

Anyway, hope to see some of you very soon.  Christmas is not so far away and our decorations will be going up soon for the very last time.  Our last day before we close for Christmas will be Thursday 23rd December so remember to book early.  See you soon!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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