Life….After The Caprese

Not long to go now everyone, 34 days to be precise, before we close our doors. It’s slowly dawning on us as we begin preparations for closing down, hiring a removal van for all of our equipment, thinking of menus for the final week and figuring out where to put everyone who will join us for our Last Supper, the list goes on and on and in no time at all that final day will be upon us.


Our diary is filling up really quickly with many of our customers over the past 26 years desperate to come in to say a final goodbye so the next month is going to be a hectic one.  Some of our customers from a bit further afield have already been in to say goodbye as they won’t make it back into Glasgow before we close so it is already starting to become emotional for all of us.  If you are thinking of coming in we are already fully booked for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the final week ending 26th February but the beginning of the week still has availability.  The last 3 weekends before we close are looking extremely busy if not full already so please give us a call as soon as possible if you want to book a table.  We are still getting a lot of people coming in and not thinking to book in advance and sadly we have had to turn them away so it is more important than ever in these final 34 days that you give us a call and we can reserve you a table.


We’ve had so many people asking what we will do after the Caprese closes down.  What will fill the void left by this Glasgow institution (lol!)?  Many have also asked why we cannot open up straight away in our new location in Woodside Crescent as they will have nowhere to go whilst we are closed! Actually we will be just as busy when we close our doors because there is so much to do!  We have a whole restaurant to clear first of all.  Everything must go with only a bare shell remaining by Monday 28th February so it will be all hands on deck for those 2 days after we close, no time for tears!  We then have to sort out the new restaurant, decorating, fitting equipment, licence applications etc etc, all of which takes quite a bit of time.  Of course, in between all of this we will have to have a break as it seems a lifetime ago that we last had a holiday with some sunshine!  Lots of other exciting things happening as well.  I did tell you on another blog post that we had two family weddings to celebrate this year but I didn’t tell you who!


Well, firstly we have the wedding of Costanzo’s daughter Lidia who will be tying the knot with her fiance Craig in early May of this year.  This will be Costanzo’s first opportunity since his 60th birthday to don his kilt as he walks her down the aisle so we are really looking forward to a good celebration. Let’s just hope that the rain stays away and we have a beautiful sunny day that day!  Those who know Lidia will agree she will be a beautiful bride so Craig is a very lucky man!  Lidia will be a very busy girl after we close putting the final touches to her wedding day together so she will be grateful for some time off to do it all properly without having to think of work getting in the way!


Our second wedding will be in September when Christine and her partner Robert will be getting married.  Christine has worked in The Caprese for many years and when we close our doors on the 26th February, this will be not only the final day for the Caprese but Christine’s final day of working with us.  She has made the decision to become a lady of leisure (well for a while anyway!) in order to prepare for her wedding and start a new life with Robert and rightly so!  Although she will miss the Caprese, she’s looking forward to an easier life away from the early morning starts and late night finishing which is sadly part and parcel of restaurant life.  We all want to wish her all the very best of luck and hope she has a wonderful life with Robert.


Aside from the weddings and preparation of the new restaurant, most of the time off will be family time.  Running a small, family restaurant means sacrifice.  Time spent with your family is limited with such long hours spent at work so it will be good to spend some quality time enjoying life as normal people do!  When Costanzo opening the Caprese 26 years ago he had to give up time spent with his children in order to build up his business.  His daughters have had to do the same and it has been hard for them to miss out on part of their children’s lives when they are working so they are excited at the prospect of being able to enjoy their children for a few months at least.


Whilst we are closed I will still be updating the blog on what is going on, how things are going with the new place and when we know it, a date of opening. Please subscribe to the blog and you will automatically get updates when I post new blog posts and therefore you will not miss our opening!

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