Time is flying past, 3 weeks today we will be preparing for our last supper in The Caprese so I just wanted to remind you all who were thinking of coming in, please hurry and remember to book in advance!


It has already become manic, it actually seems like Christmas really because we are so busy.  Normally at this time of year things are a little slow but my goodness we have never stopped.  The bad weather here hasn’t been helping things with really high winds and heavy rain lashing down on us for the past couple of days meaning everyone has been running late and our carefully organised diary where we space our customers out so that everyone is not arriving at the same time has been chaotic to say the least.  Last night everyone was late and then it seemed like a bus had stopped outside when we were deluged by all of our customers arriving at the same time soaked and windswept!  It all adds to the usual manic atmosphere though and it will be good practice for us in our final few days when we will be with no doubt snowed under with customers bidding us farewell.


It will be strange to leave Buchanan Street.  It is such a hive of activity, never quiet and there is always something going on.  I can’t say we’ll miss the various street musicians who camp outside our door on a daily basis though. We usually have a mix of bongo player who if you give him your name, will sing it whilst banging away at his bongos, the learner bagpipers who would make your ears bleed, the accordion and keyboards combo singing the same song over and over, we get them all and loudly.  Then we have the Hari Krishnas dancing their way up the street, the crowds of drunken revellers singing bad karaoke in the bar next door, there is rarely a quiet moment in Buchanan Street.  Where we are moving to is a quiet street in Woodside Crescent so it will be a big change for us to have peace and tranquility, pure bliss!


So, 3 weeks left everyone.  We have already said goodbye to many of our customers who we will not see now until late summer when we re-open but the vast majority of our regulars we will be seeing in these final 3 weeks so expecting hectic times ahead!  Hope to see you all very soon!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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