Someone please get us a hankie!

What an emotional night last night!  We’ve got a week to go and we’ve already started blubbering!  Our customers are just fantastic.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts we received yesterday.  The Sneddons had an AC Milan shirt made up with special embroidery with Costanzo’s name on and lovely gifts for our two brides to be who are getting married this year.  The Barratts brought in a lovely bottle of champagne for Costanzo, whisky for Costanzo, chocolates for us, lovely leaving cards from everyone,  just so overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness so we would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your kindness and thoughts, it really means a lot to us all.


I really dread to think of how much of a state we will be in this time next week going by last night’s emotions but we are really looking forward to seeing everyone for their last goodbyes to the old place.  More photos to follow of the coming week!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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