Final 3 Days and look who’s been to visit us!

Well everyone, we’re into our final three days of The Caprese and what a time we have had the past few days.  Our fantastic customers have been out in force to help us celebrate the end of an era and ensure that we go out with a bang.


A big thank you to everyone once again for all of your kindness and lovely gifts that you have been bestowing on Costanzo, he’s very chuffed!  To Mr Thomson, who along with his wife have been meaning to come to us for a long time but never quite did until the last week when we have seen them 3 times!  Mr Thomson was kind enough to have a framed photo made up of Costanzo wearing his AC Milan shirt and using his photoshop skills, made a wonderful newspaper article about Costanzo being signed up by them!  Really, really kind thing to do and he really appreciates the time that he took to do this for him.  It will take pride of place in a nice spot of the new restaurant along with all of the hundreds of photos we will be taking with us.  We also had our final visit from our lovely priests who we will miss immensely, big congratulations on the promotion Father, or should I say Monsignor!  We know that we will see you up in the new place later in the year and we are looking forward to it! Jennifer and Alistair Toward, very good customers for many years, hope we will see you both when we re-open.  Mr and Mrs Cornish, Mrs Cornish celebrating her birthday, hope you enjoyed your cake Mrs Cornish!  John Gordon Sinclair and his lovely family who thankfully managed to make it in before we closed up, customers for many, many years and we are sure we will see you up in Woodside Crescent!  Alan Mitchelson from Weir Group, Fraser Park from Weir Group, Lord Smith from Weir Group, in fact, everyone from Weir Group, thank you so much for all of your visits, where will you go until we re-open!  Mr Culverwell who was in for his last supper yesterday lunch with his 2 colleagues.  Mr and Mrs Mills in for their final lunch, hope the day wasn’t too emotional for you Mrs Mills and you keep your happy memories of your times spent in the Caprese with your mum.  Mr Scott and friends, customers for many years, thanks for your final visit last night and we will see you all soon.


A big special mention to Costanzo’s biggest fan, Shontelle.  Shontelle was playing in Glasgow last night and we are so pleased she managed to come in and visit us before we close this weekend.  Shontelle is in the middle of the European leg of her tour, playing in Manchester tonight and popped in last night with her friends to say goodbye and of course eat!  It was great to see you all again last night and we are so glad that your career is really taking off, best of luck with the rest of the tour and we will see you when you come back in a few months hopefully.  We will make sure that the next time you come in that Costanzo doesn’t call you Rihanna (he’s never been good with names!).  Anyway, great to see you all, we had a ball with you and you helped to make one of our final nights, that bit more extra special.


Big party night tonight, lots of photos coming up soon when we have time to put them on so in the meantime, it’s back to work for the final three days.   See you soon!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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4 Responses to Final 3 Days and look who’s been to visit us!

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  3. lucy bell says:

    ilovecaprese soo much 😀 miss it see yahh soon jo and nonno loove youuseeee :D:D:D:D

  4. john magouwan says:

    caprese might be gone but it will always remain in our hearts, heres to the newe restraunt and hopefully it will be as amaising as caprese:) ❤

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