Good Times

It’s been a while since our last blog entry for a variety of reasons so please accept my apologies for the lack of updates on what has been happening since we closed!

We really haven’t stopped since we closed down in Buchanan Street at the end of February.  Our final night on the 26th February finished at almost 4am and we were all up with the larks and in the restaurant at 10am that same morning to clear the place of everything.  4 days later and it was all done and we locked up for the final time.  We had heard that it was due to be demolished at the end of March but it is still standing amazingly.  After a couple of days of rest, Costanzo was itching to begin work on the new place in Woodside Crescent so almost every day has been spent down there doing all sorts of jobs to get it ready for opening.

Anyone who lives or works in the vicinity of our new place may already have spotted Costanzo doing various jobs inside and out of the restaurant.  He isn’t just an amazing chef but instead will turn his hand to anything because he hates standing around and doing nothing.  Deciding that the cast iron railing on the outside of the restaurant needed painted, he set about chipping away all of the old paint.  Not a job that can be completed in a day, in fact 2 weeks later he was still chipping and banging at that rail and amazingly enough, none of our near neighbours have murdered him yet because of the constant noise he was making!  A few days ago he was completing the final part of the paint removal when a lady approached him asking for his business card. Costanzo explained that the restaurant was not open yet but should be up and running after August this year.  The lady explained that she was not asking about the restaurant but was in fact so impressed by the job he had made of the paint removal of the railings that she wanted him to come and work on hers when he was finished, seriously!  He is very chuffed at the job he has done though and we all have to go out at regular intervals to admire his handiwork at his insistence!  Apart from outside, the inside of the restaurant is taking shape thankfully.  The kitchen is almost completely done with equipment just waiting to be installed which means we can move on to other jobs.  Still a long way to go though but we are getting there.  

It hasn’t all been about work though.  We did manage to slip away for a quiet break in Capri in April which was much-needed.  Did I just say quiet break?  It would have been had we not bumped into Mr and Mrs McNee who were also there for a quiet break.  Mr and Mrs McNee have been customers and friends of  Costanzo for many years now and we had the pleasure of their company on our final evening at the Caprese so it was lovely to catch up with them outside of work for a quick bite to eat in the beautiful Caprese sunshine.  What a wonderful lunch we had.  The sun was beating down, the wine was flowing and the pizza was to die for.  5 hours later we were still sitting at that same spot surrounded by numerous wine bottles so we decided to walk them back to their nearby hotel which happens to be owned by Costanzo’s friend Giovanni.  A couple of bottles of champagne later, we were on to round two of our marathon session as Giovanni decided to serve up a 4 course dinner.  We only went out for a pizza for lunch and here we are at 10pm still eating!  The copious amounts of wine must have numbed our pain as at that point we didn’t realise how much sun we had actually taken whilst eating outside in the midday sun.  As we bade them farewell at midnight, we arranged for a final lunch together the following day before they returned to Glasgow. Slightly optimistic on our part I think because the following morning we could barely raise our heads from the pillow.  I had a burn on my forehead which was so swollen I resembled the elephant man and a headache which I swear there was someone inside my head with a hammer and chisel trying to break through to my eye.  We decided to give lunch a miss and relax at home to try to recuperate instead.  We would like to thank Mr and Mrs McNee for their wonderful company that day, from what we remember it was a fabulous day and I’m sure that the next time they visit Capri when we are there, they’ll avoid us like the plague!

The best thing to happen this year for us though has to be Lidia, Costanzo’s daughter getting married to Craig last Saturday 7th May.  We were all keeping our fingers crossed for a dry day since the weather had taken a turn for the worse earlier on in the week so fortunately the rain decided to stay off at least until we got the ceremony and photographs over and done with.  What a fantastic day we all had.  It was a small, intimate affair in the village church in Cumbernauld then off for a meal to Costanzo’s friend Antonio’s restaurant after which we headed off for some dancing.  All of the men, including Costanzo looked fantastic in their kilts and Lidia was simply stunning in her dress as we knew she would be.  Everyone let their hair down and the dance floor was full for the whole night which is unusual considering most guests have to be encouraged to get on the dance floor at the beginning of the night. Not this wedding, in fact Costanzo was one of the first ones up there and he barely sat down the whole night, what a night we had.  3 days later and my feet have still not recovered from the pain of dancing in high heels for the entire night.  It really was a fantastic occasion for all of the family and friends to get together and have a ball.  Lots of photos taken which the bride still hasn’t seen yet so as soon as she has, we’ll get some photos on here to show you all how beautiful she looked.  A big thank you to another of our customers Mr and Mrs Todd (Margaret and George) who helped so much with the big day, from creating the wedding bouquets, driving us all to the church, having the foresight to bring an emergency sewing kit to repair Lidia’s dress when Costanzo stood on it outside the house, providing tissues for all of our tears, everything really and we really appreciate it.  It really was a family affair with everyone doing their bit to help out and make it such a special day for not only Lidia and Craig but the entire family.  The sad thing is that it is all over, the whole day passing in a flash but what a time we had.

That’s all for now but photos to follow!

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2 Responses to Good Times

  1. Ashlie Cunningham says:

    Can’t wait for the new place to open, noticed today that demo has started 😦

  2. fiona says:

    So looking forward to the new place opening – Terry our MD introduced us to Caprese many years ago – Terry a regular is celebrating a Special Birthday today- and we always said we would celebrate it at Caprese’s 🙂 – we had been hoping to celebrate at the new restaurant – therefore as a mark of respect we are postpone our celebrating lunch until the opening of the new restaurant- so please hurry up Costanzo !!.
    Looking forward to the announcement of the opening date.
    Fiona (SWGR/Scotweld)

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