Good News and Bad News

Well, that’s us back from our annual getaway to Capri.  It seems it was over in the blink of an eye.  We had a fantastic time as usual although apparently we missed the heat wave that hit Glasgow when we were gone.  Now we have returned, the weather has gone back to normal, ie rain,  so what’s new.


With our tans fading fast and excess holiday weight to shift, there’s only one thing for it. Work.  Easy to say, but not so easy to put into practice it seems.  We are all raring to go, ready to get back into a routine after so many months away but with only a few things remaining to be done in the restaurant, we are still quite a bit away from opening.  Why, I hear you say.  Well, we still have no licence!  Unbelievably, 7 months after starting the process, we are still waiting.  Frustration would be an understatement as to how we are feeling at the moment.  Fed up, tearing our hair out at the bureaucracy of the whole thing, we know there is nothing we can do to speed up the process so we just have to wait. Judging by the amount of our customers who have been emailing over the summer desperate for an opening date, we are not alone in feeling the way we do, we feel your pain, believe us.  We don’t know much but what we do know is we will not be opening in August for certain.  End of September may be more realistic but that may be a bit optimistic of us to think that the way things are going!  If this carries on for much longer we may have to set some tables up in our back garden for practice, it’s been so long!  Rest assured though, we will let you all know what is happening firstly via email for those of you that have given me your details and then via the blog.  A big thank you to those of you who have emailed us, it’s nice to see that we haven’t been forgotten and we really appreciate it.  On speaking to a few of you it seems that it has been a bit of a struggle to find somewhere to replace the Caprese, well that would be a bit difficult we know;! I mean, where else could you find another Costanzo, answers on a postcard please!  His “unique” style of entertainment we are sure could not be replicated.  We are missing you all and can’t wait to get up and running and back to the normality of the 16 hour days again, gluttons for punishment every one of us!


So, whilst we wait for the powers that be to grant us permission to open, we will be slaving away at the new place, making it ready for all of you to finally walk through our doors.  It is taking shape and with only a few bits and pieces to put into place, we will be opening as soon as we have the go ahead, hopefully really soon.  We’ve even been out picking a fresh supply of mushrooms at the weekend.  The first mushrooms of the year for us, we picked a healthy crop and tried them out last night, delicious.  We did keep some for you though rest assured.  No mishaps on this mushroom forage thankfully although there were a few hairy moments when we almost ended up in the river below as the ground was so loose with all of the rain recently.  That and the midges attacking us were the most stressful part of the trip aside from Costanzo stopping to speak to a local farmer who spoke so fast that afterwards Costanzo asked what language the man was speaking as he didn’t understand a word of it!


We’ve got plenty to keep us occupied in the meantime before we open what with preparing the restaurant and lots of celebrations coming up too.  Today Costanzo’s granddaughter Stephanie is celebrating her birthday, Happy Birthday Stephanie and on Friday it is the main man himself, Costanzo who celebrates his birthday!  Can’t believe a year has already passed since we had our big party in the marquee in the garden for his big 60!  So Friday will be our big get-together for the joint birthday party for both of them, let’s hope the rain stays off and we will make it an outdoor event again.  Now I have probably jinxed it and it will pour from the heavens as it did last year!  At our events it is not bring a bottle, it’s bring a brolly!


Another happy event we are celebrating is the wonderful news that Lidia, Costanzo’s daughter who got married in May of this year, is expecting a baby!  A huge big congratulations to both Lidia and Craig and to Lidia’s two daughters Lucy and Stephanie who are so excited that they will have a new little brother or sister to look forward to! We can’t wait to have a new addition to the family and this will make it grandchild number 6 for Costanzo!  It’s nice to have a bit of good news and it’s something for us all to look forward to.


On that happy note, I will finish up for now.  Sorry it’s not better news on the restaurant front but our hands are tied unfortunately.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and we are so looking forward to seeing you all really soon.

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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8 Responses to Good News and Bad News

  1. Alexander Stewart says:

    Is it not possible to open without a licence, on a BYOB basis? A fine Edinburgh restaurant I also go to operated on that basis for a year while they waited for their licence to be renewed. Customers quickly got used to it, just as everyone adjusted again when they got the licence back. Their situation was different from yours as they never closed. I think it was a matter of some changes being required because of some changed regulations and they did not have the funds to do it immediately. But think what a wonderful opportunity this would be for Costanzo to round on his adoring fans and complain to a full house at their atrocious taste when he has not picked the winelist!

    • jo says:

      Hi Alexander, yes we could open without the licence and we actually did discuss that very option! I think it really depends on how long this process is going to take and we may just have to go down that road if we don’t get the licence soon! The licence application process has changed a lot and there is so much you have to do to obtain the licence now and it takes forever seemingly in our case! I could just imagine Costanzo holding court in the middle of the restaurant roaring at someone for bringing a bottle of Blue Nun with them, could be quite entertaining actually!

  2. Judy Pittman says:

    Happy Birthday to Costanzo on Friday. I was there last year on his 60th. I’ve only just been converted to your fabulous restaurant, and can’t wait to come eat at the new one. I hope the red tape of the license passes quickly!

  3. jo says:

    Thank you Judy! Costanzo really appreciates your good wishes and we all remember you so well from last year! Such a shame you discovered us so late but at least you managed to experience the Caprese before it was demolished! We hope to see you at the new place if you are ever over again from the States. Best wishes from all of us and especially from Costanzo x

  4. Chris Terris says:

    Hi all, The Terris’s here…Hope you are all well despite the trials and tribulations…
    Ben started school this week and when we asked him where he wanted to go for his big schoolboy lunch treat, obviously you know where he said! He can’t wait to roll his sleeves up and “help” in the bar and kitchen again. He likes to “help” me in the kitchen too- it’s a miracle our house is still standing. Eva too is missing you all so hope you are all sorted soon and we can come and see you. One final thing… at his end of year nursery Year Book, when asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Ben’s answer was not a Policeman, fireman or train driver. No.
    “A pasta chef like Costanzo…”
    Chris, Connie, Eva and Ben-stanzo

  5. jo says:

    Hi all! Great to hear from you, we miss you all as well! Can’t believe that Ben has started school now, bet he’ll look gorgeous in his uniform! We’re all great but just a bit frustrated at how long it is taking to get the place open, hopefully soon though we’ll see you all. Costanzo is very chuffed that Ben wants to follow in his footsteps, I’m sure when he realises how much time you have to spend in the kitchen every day, he’ll decide a fireman is a better choice though! Big kisses to Eva and Ben and we’ll see you soon xx

  6. Opfer Logan Architects says:

    Hi all, Glad you had a great summer in Capri. We are eagerly looking forward to the re-opening and booking our Xmas lunch with yourselves!! Will look out for the annoucement of the opening date soon hopefully. Best of luck. If you are accepting bookings beforehand can you let us know ….thanks
    all at Opfer Logan Architects & Stewart Binnie McKenzie

  7. jo says:

    Hi All! We had a great time, over too soon though. We can’t wait to open, hopefully it’s well before Christmas though! Make sure you subscribe to the blog because it will be updated as soon as we know anything, although I have your email to drop you a line before it happens. We’ll let you know about the bookings situation as soon as we know and we’ll give you a phone. As soon as the licence goes through, the countdown begins! See you all soon hopefully!

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