Sneaky Peek!

Hi all, wish it was better news from us but we have still not opened!  Hope you are not suffering too much from withdrawal symptoms with your lack of Costanzo’s food and wit of course.  

We are working hard trying to get things moving along but there is only so much that we can do.  We have to go through the licensing process (which we now know is lengthy!)  and then we can open at last.  In the meantime we are keeping busy, paint brushes in hand, painting everything that doesn’t move, in preparation for opening.  Having done most of the work ourselves we’re feeling quite proud of ourselves but we have had to call in the builders for some jobs.  In fact, we have a resident builder who we feel will find it a wrench to leave us by the time we eventually open, he’s almost like family now he’s been here so long!  And, fear not everyone, for those of you worrying that Costanzo will be out of practice with his witty put downs and insults having being closed for so long.  Our poor builder and his mate have been suffering on a daily basis.  Last week, as one of them walked down the stairs, Costanzo likened him to a Mountain Gorilla (same belly) then concluded that perhaps he was the Missing Link!  Bob, our builder, is so glad that the wonderful tv show “The Scheme” has now ended since Costanzo called him on a weekly basis telling him he has just seen him on the tv again, just as well he’s thick-skinned.

We’ve been shopping around for various things to add to the restaurant.  A few days ago we went off to a small local garden centre and Costanzo spotted a nice garden statue.  He went off to ask the boy behind the counter how much it was and returned stifling a laugh.  He asked how much for the statue, the boy replied, “£800”, hesitated then added “but for you I can do it for £800”. This was said without even a hint of a smile, totally serious!  What a deal, that’s a bargain, we’ll take two!   Costanzo is thinking of taking him on as his new waiter!  Needless to say, we left empty-handed but it gave us a laugh.  

Costanzo has been off out stocking up his supply of porcini in anticipation of opening.  After spending a hard day painting down at the restaurant, instead of rushing home to prepare dinner, off he goes to the hills, wandering.  We’ve built up quite a nice little supply, should be enough for the first week of opening I think!  Garlic, oil, chilli, tossed with freshly picked porcini, on a bed of tagliatelle and topped with parmesan shavings, mmm, who is salivating!  I’ve added a couple of photos of Costanzo preparing the porcini he picked a couple of days ago, hopefully the photos will keep you going until you have the real thing on a plate in front of you very soon!

We’re also giving you a quick sneaky peek of the entrance of the restaurant as it looks now (so far).  Still a few things to be done but it has tidied up rather well thanks to Costanzo’s 3 months of scraping with a wire brush (who can forget, least of all our neighbours).  I know quite a few of you have been down to see us so you have already seen the place so this is for those who haven’t been yet!  Thanks to everyone that have been emailing us with good luck messages and sending messages to the blog.  We really, really appreciate the kind thoughts and it’s nice to know that you miss us.

That’s all for now except to say a big huge best of love and luck to Christine who will be getting married to Robert next Saturday.  Christine won’t be working at the new restaurant as she has decided to be a lady of leisure so after an exotic honeymoon she will be joining the green welly and barbour brigade and living the life of Reilly out in the countryside.  Let’s hope the rain stays off next week and it’s a great day for them.  More news soon!

Bit more impressive of an entrance than the Caprese!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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2 Responses to Sneaky Peek!

  1. Dania Cacace says:

    I have sampled these beautiful hand picked porcini, as my dad was kind enough to give me some lol. I did them justice wIth cooking them in the same way as he does. scrummy yummy xx

  2. Bill Kennedy says:

    Jo/Costanzo, I am trying to arrange a night for 22 people in a few months. Assuming you have sorted out your licence and are open by then could you book us in? Get in touch via email please. Cheers
    Bill Kennedy

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