Finally, we’re starting to look like a restaurant!  We have signs!  It’s really taking shape now thankfully and with only a bit of painting and decorating to do (plus a huge amount of cleaning) we’re almost ready!  If you look through our windows though you wouldn’t think that as it still looks like a building site but appearances can be deceiving!


We are feeling quite proud of ourselves actually.  We’ve done all of the painting ourselves and if you had seen what it looked like before and how many coats of paint we had to do to cover the old paint, you’d be proud too! Myself, Ilia and Lidia have been responsible for the inside painting with Costanzo taking charge of the outside painting (we think he chose the outside so that he can have chats with people as they walk past!).  Being 5 months pregnant hasn’t stopped Lidia from getting her hands dirty and she’s down at the restaurant every day with Ilia tackling yet more painting jobs, cleaning, making tea etc etc and bearing in mind that Ilia had never picked up a paintbrush in her life until this restaurant renovation, she’s done really well!  


Thanks to everyone who have been emailing us, phoning us and popping down to see us recently.  We are trying to open as soon as we can but we have to wait on the licence.  We know you are desperate for a good meal and we are desperate to open so we will do our best!  People are already asking about booking for Christmas so we better be open!  More news soon!


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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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5 Responses to IT’S A SIGN!

  1. Alex Macintyre says:

    Who’s the scruff in the cap?

  2. jo says:

    Lol! As soon as he leaves the restaurant he goes off to his other job, selling the Big Issue! He says times are tough!

  3. Caroline Laing says:

    So pleased to hear that things are coming along apace. Can’t wait to get along there when you open and see everyone again!

  4. Bob Thomson says:

    Was inspired by the new name for the restaurant and decided to mock up another of my photographs. I will email it in the next few days. Looking forward to seeing you all when you are open again.

  5. rodger mcclelland says:

    looking good so far…cant wait to pop along for lunch or dinner…..or both!! 🙂

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