We are back!  What a week we have had, it has been hectic!  It has been fantastic to see all of the old faces again and some new ones too.  We opened as we wanted to, quietly, to allow us to adjust to our new surroundings.  Our first night last Wednesday welcomed in some of our very best customers who have followed us for many, many years and it was wonderful to see everyone again.  Saturday was even busier with most of our customers reluctant to leave at the end of the night!  The general consensus of the new place is that although it is not The Caprese, it is better.  It is warm, welcoming, spacious and a great atmosphere, hence why we found some people wanting to linger on a bit longer than they normally would (you know who you are!).  We had a great time ourselves although it was extremely hectic (I would describe it as headless chickens myself) and everyone enjoyed themselves which was the main thing.


We are into our first full week now and seeing a few new faces popping down from the local community.  We have only been open for 9 days in total and already have new regulars!  Bacchus is still here thankfully and no one has attempted to make off with him in the middle of the night (they could try and perhaps end up in the Royal Infirmary!).  Lots of people having their photos taken with him so he is a bit of a local celebrity now. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have helped us to get everything ready for opening.  Our wonderful customers who have offered their services and saved the day like the McLernons from Ironcraft in Hillington, Glasgow who constructed our menu board, welded the railings etc etc, Mr Ritchie who kindly sorted our electrics out, all great customers and friends who assisted us in having it all ready in time, we really appreciate it, thank you so much.


It is still early days for us in our new location and many people still do not know we are here yet and are coming across us by accident as they are passing by.  Still so many of our customers do not know we have re-opened, especially if they do not follow the blog or if we have no contact details for them but hopefully word will spread and we will see them all again soon.  We are really missing our Concert Hall nights and all of our little couples who came regularly before they went to the concerts.  Although we are not right next door to the Royal Concert Hall as we were before, we are actually not that far by taxi.  It is still possible to have an early dinner since we open at 5pm and reach the concert hall before it begins usually at 7.30pm.  By taxi (we timed it!) it is 5 minutes from us so really not too far at all.  We are also very close to the Kings Theatre, walking distance so we may still get some concert goers. 


I must apologise for the lack of updates recently and the non-appearance of the new blog, there really has been no time to get things organised but hopefully with a bit better time management (ie delegation) things will start to happen soon!


Thank you once again, all of you, for all of your continued support over the years and in the past week when you have visited us.  It is always difficult starting a new business, especially in the current economic climate but with your help and best wishes we are sure we will make Don Costanzo an even bigger success than The Caprese.  Take care everyone and hope we will see you soon at the new place!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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1 Response to Westenders!

  1. Carolyn Middleton says:

    Delighted you are back – look forward to visiting next time I’m in Glasgow; very best wishes for your new abode.

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