Paul McBride QC – A Man in a Million RIP

It has been a while since our blog was last updated purely down to lack of time so we do apologise.

Silence is broken today though to pay tribute to one of our friends and customer Paul McBride who tragically passed away on last Sunday morning whilst on business in Pakistan.  His death has left us shocked and stunned since we heard the news.   Paul and his partner Gary have been coming into Don Costanzo’s several times a week since we opened and we warmed to them in an instant.  Paul’s dry sense of humour, his energy, his zest for life lit up the room as soon as he entered quickly transforming our restaurant into what seemed like a private party of friends joining together for dinner.  There was never an occasion that he came in and didn’t know at least one person in the room and his generosity and kindness knew no bounds.  We have lost count of the amount of bottles of wine he sent to other tables, picked up the bills for friends all without their knowledge, an incredibly kind individual who would do anything to help someone out.  He had time for everyone from the dishwashers to the waitresses and was always eager for a chat and a gossip.  

Paul came into our lives like a whirlwind, his personality hitting us like a ton of bricks and he has left us devastated and wanting more.  Paul and Gary as a couple brightened up the room as soon as they entered and we looked forward to seeing them bounding down the stairs to see us.  We won’t ever see that again and it is incredibly sad.  Paul and Gary spent their last night with us before he flew off to Pakistan the next day and we are so grateful for that last chance.  With no other customers in the restaurant, we were able to spend a couple of hours chatting about various things and we thank God we had that final opportunity.  

Paul was an incredibly talented man who achieved so much in his short life and he packed so much into that life, lived it to the full and has left us all too soon.  We joined mourners yesterday to say goodbye at the funeral at St Aloysius Church in Glasgow and the church was packed full of people from all walks of life paying their respects to this amazing man.  It was truly a pleasure and privilege to know him and we wish Gary and his mum and dad George and Mary, our deepest of condolences and hope they have the strength to get through this very difficult time.  With all our love Paul, RIP. xxx

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2 Responses to Paul McBride QC – A Man in a Million RIP

  1. Tom Hamilton says:

    Such a lovely tribute to Paul.
    He so enjoyed the restaurant and everyone who looked after him there.
    Laura and I enjoyed our last meal together with Paul and Gary at the restaurant when he was in his usual quiet form – not.
    Fortunately, we succeeded in paying but had to sneak to the till away after the starter to beat him.
    It will go down in history as one of the few times we got one over on him.
    And we will be back soon to remember a true friend.

    Tom Hamilton

    • jo says:

      Thanks Tom. We remember that night very well, it was the only occasion that Paul didn’t manage to pay but it didn’t stop him coming up to the bar and emptying his pockets and proceed to throw money at us! He was an amazing man who we miss immensely. At least we all have great memories to remember him by. Hope we will see you both soon and although Paul won’t be there, he will not be far from our minds I am sure. Take care, Jo @ Don Costanzo

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