Contact Us

13 Woodside Crescent (basement)

Glasgow G3 7ul
Telephone:-  0141 332 3070

We are now located at 13 Woodside Crescent Glasgow G3 7UL with the new name Don Costanzo. Please use our Google maps header to locate us. Nearest train station is Charing Cross. We are located just off Sauchiehall Street at the Charing Cross end in the Park district of Glasgow. Very near to Glasgow’s Park Circus Registry Office, and just off the off ramp of the M8 Charing Cross, proceed along Woodlands Road, take first left onto Lyndoch Street at the Drake Bar, take first left again and first left again onto Woodside Terrace. Follow road round onto Woodside Crescent and we are located halfway down the hill on the left hand side in the basement.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday      –

Lunch   12pm-2.30pm

Dinner   5.15pm-10.00pm

Closed on Sundays for recuperation.

24 Responses to Contact Us

  1. rodger mcclelland says:

    Had a look at the menu and it looks great. are you doing a lunchtime menu also or is it going to be full menu at that time? Coming up over the next week for some fabulous food, really looking forward to it!

    • Thanks Rodger. The A La Carte Menu listed on the blog is available for lunch and dinner but we also do a 2 Course Lunch Menu for £9.50 and that is available Monday to Friday 12-230pm. I will be updating the blog with that menu early this week so if you check back here over the next couple of days, you should be able to have a look at it. See you soon and hope you like the new look Caprese when you get there!

  2. Derek Kerr says:

    Hi Everyone, page looks really good, do you do a pre-theatre menu

    • Thanks Derek, it’s a work in progress at the moment, glad you like it. We don’t do a pre-theatre menu, just the normal A La Carte Menu but we can certainly get you in and out in time if you are in a rush for the theatre. A lot of our customers come in before and after concerts etc at the Concert Hall and Theatre Royal as they are both very close to us. Our A La Carte menu is on the blog and also our lunch time menu for Mondays through to Fridays, if you haven’t already seen them of course!

  3. lisa says:

    Hi , Like the look of your menu , perharps will book next saturday day whats your latest afternoon booking ?
    Also are you child freindly, ? Would be 2 adults 4 children ages 11 ,7 & 5,


  4. Paul McGinley says:

    I have always wanted to try your restaurant, the menu and atmosphere looks great. It is my first wedding anniversary on Sunday 2nd May. Just checking to see if you are open because of the bank holiday.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we are always closed on Sundays and this coming Monday we are closed also because of the bank holiday. What about Saturday night, we can fit you in then if that would be suitable? If you want to book for Saturday, give us a call 0141 332 3070. If we don’t see you then, have a great first wedding anniversary and we hope you can manage to come in another time! Hopefully see you both soon, regards Jo @ The Caprese

  5. Amit Patel says:

    Hello Don Caprese

    Thank you for an entertaining night. I think the girls were terrified when you threatened to take your pants off!

    Good luck with the new venture and your daughter being the boss from now on!

    If you need any advice just ask.


  6. Susan Archibald says:

    Hi Costanzo, Jo and team,
    Just to say what a fabulous night us Tennents lot had celebrating all the happy years spent in Caprese!! It was so good to see everyone again, I was just sorry to have to leave and get my train earlier than most. Really looking forward to us all coming to the new venture so do let us know when the opening is happening. I wish you all the best for that. I had the pleasure of the fantastic tomato and mozzarella starter. Would love to know what the ingredients for the dressing are that you use? It is fab u lous!! Have a good rest and good luck with builders!!! Susan x

    • jo says:

      Hi Susan

      Sorry about the delay in replying, we’re just back from a short break to Capri and now trying to sort out the new place! So pleased you enjoyed your last night with us and we will let you know for sure when we re-open, hopefully end of August or around that time. Costanzo was so pleased to see you all and it brought back a lot of happy memories for him. He told me to tell you that he will give you the recipe for the dressing the next time you come in, in person! Don’t know when we will get a rest and for sure we will need luck with the builders Susan! See you all soon and give our regards to everyone when you see them xx

  7. Marilyn and Bob MacLean says:

    So sad to miss the final days at Caprese. Will miss seeing you in May when we make our annual visit to Scotland.
    Any suggestions for a good place to eat in Glasgow until your new restaurant opens?
    Have a great summer!
    Marilyn and Bob (Michigan, USA)

    • jo says:

      Hi Marilyn and Bob, such a shame that we will miss you this year! What date in May will you be in Glasgow? I will send you a private email x

  8. Christina and Russ says:

    We’re back for a long weekend and you are not there…… sorry we missed your last night in Buchanan St but really looking forward to seeing you all again and enjoying your hospitality and great food in the new place. (Where ever and when ever that is?)

    In the meantime we’ve no idea where to catch up with our extended family in fun, nutritious and Capri society, especially the Tiramisu chefesse.

    See you next time we hope
    love C&R xx

  9. Tom says:

    Hi Costanzo.Tom and Steph here.Hope all well.Dying to get to Capri but Steph pregnant with number 6 so will wait to take baby there in Spring.Mary Clare and John miss the old restuarant but look forward to the new place.Love to all the family.Want to take in a play pop by when passing Stratford.

  10. jo says:

    Hi Tom and Steph! Lovely to hear from you and your great news! Is your surname Walton by chance, number 6! Looking forward to seeing you all at the new place, hopefully soon but no date as yet. We’ll pass on your love to the girls, you will know Lidia’s good news if you’ve been reading the blog! Take care all of you and see you soon after the baby has arrived!

  11. Ronnie and Jacquie Parker says:

    Just discovered your blog!!
    We’re sad to have missed your final days in Buchanan St. But looking forward to the new restaurant…love the name!! Mr.P is looking forward to Pizza with a generous covering of Reggiano 😉
    We’ve had a busy year ourselves..’the lovely ones’ wedding in Spain in May was have to see the pics..everyone else in Scotland has seen them! ..and …. Next April, we hope to be bringing a new customer to see you all..YES…a baby !!!
    Hope to see you all very soon..lots of love
    Jacquie and Ronnie Parker xxx

    • jo says:

      Hi Jacquie and Ronnie! Just seen your post, so glad you found our blog! We are now open as of last week so looking forward to you popping down for some Reggiano! Glad you have had a busy year like us, especially a new baby on the way! Lidia is due her baby in January so we are thinking of opening a creche downstairs for all these new arrivals! Hope we will see you soon, take care xxx

  12. Fr Robert C Granfeldt says:

    So happy I checked in, today! Our blessings and prayers will be with you, tomorrow, along with many, many happy thoughts!
    Mary and I have only been to Caprese once, but we wrote an online revue on you, and we’ve been following your blogs ever since. It’s been some years, now, since we were there, but Costanzo might remember the “rich American” who asked if he could handle make him spaghetti puttanesca! (And who later mailed to him a fairly large can of anchovies with the hope he would offer a “puttanesca special” some evening!)
    I was SO sorry when I heard you were losing your Buchanan location – and ECSTATIC when you found this new place.
    We’re still hoping/planning to get back, once more, to the city of my mother’s birth. And if/when that happens, you will see us again!
    Meanwhile, again: our blessings and our prayers are with you as you embark on this new stage of your adventure. As we say in the (American only?) theatre: BREAK A LEG!
    Fr Bob and Mary

    • jo says:

      Father Bob and Mary, how lovely to hear from you both! Costanzo remembers you VERY well! We hope you can make it back to see us again in our new place, just give us a call when you are coming and we will give you directions! Thank you so much for your blessings and prayers for our new adventure and we hope we will see you both very soon at this side of the pond. All our very best from all at Don Costanzo!

  13. john macmillan says:

    Loved the new place on Saturday. As we were some of the lingerers, sorry but tough! We were having a lovely time and still made the last train. The messy prawns were especially delicious. Ciao.

    • jo says:

      You can linger with us any time Mr MacMillan! Glad you enjoyed it and didn’t miss your train! The prawns looked fabulous, I was jealous! Hope to see you all again soon, all of you added to a great atmosphere on Saturday night.

  14. Alessandra Marchesi says:

    Costanzooooooooooooooo non cambierai mai …… Un bacio a tutta la famiglia!!!!!!!

    • Alessandra Marchesi says:

      Chissà se vi ricordate di una rossa che ha lavorato con voi…. hahahahah venite a visitarmi su web Dac A trà Castello Brianza che bello vedere che non avete chiuso e i piccoli che sono cresciuti meravigliosi ma non ne avevo dubbi con tre donne così….. un bacio a tutti!!!!! Se qualcuno è su fb datemi gli estremi e vi contatterò!!!!!!!!!!

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