Caprese no more.

How sad.  Costanzo took a walk up to Buchanan Street yesterday as he had heard a rumour that the bulldozers were flattening the building.  It’s totally gone!  All that remains is a pile of rubble where we once stood for all those years.  It was due to be demolished in March so we reckon that they had a bit of trouble trying to get rid of it!  Oh well, life goes on after the Caprese.  Soon there will be another generic shopping centre in its place.  One thing we do know though, it may be a nice, shiny, new building but they won’t have half the enjoyment that we had in our run-down little basement restaurant, for sure!


We were sorting through all the old photos from the Caprese yesterday and the memories were flooding back.  We came across a big envelope containing some beautiful photos of Capri given to us by our lovely Mr Sneddon.  Many years ago, Mr Sneddon was on a cruise and happened to be passing by Capri and decided to give Costanzo a call as they passed the island. Costanzo was busy in the kitchen and was called to the phone to hear Mr Sneddon tell him that he was sitting on the deck of the cruise liner eating a Torta Caprese and a cup of coffee and was thinking of him.  Costanzo’s response was “Well, I hope you choke on it”.  Hence why on the front of the envelope with the photos, Mr Sneddon had written “I hoppa yo chok”.  Nice! Costanzo really has a way with his customers.


Still no date for opening although we do know that our hearing at the licensing board should be October so things are sort of moving along.  In the meantime we are just preparing things so that we are ready to open as soon as we have the go-ahead from them.  It looks like by the time we open we will be right into the busy pre-Christmas period so it will be all hands on deck.  We’ve started advertising for new staff to join us so that has been deep joy going through the mountains of applications! 


That’s all for now but we’ll keep you posted on anything that’s happening, good or bad!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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7 Responses to Caprese no more.

  1. Jean Bowman says:

    John and I were in Glasgow the day the bulldozers were there – it was so sad – remember the day we sat all afternoon with you while our daughter was having her operation? We are retiring from our restaurant at the end of October and I think John under my feet will drive me round the bend – I would get him an application form but I think the commute from Oban would be a bit too far!! Looking forward to the new restaurant – I hope you have will still have your wonderful Risotto Fungi.
    Best of luck, Jean and John.

  2. jo says:

    Thanks Jean and John. Yes we remember the day you stayed for the afternoon! You won’t know what to do with all your time when you retire, ask Costanzo, he’s been going mad not working! I swear there will be a murder if I make him watch another episode of Come Dine with Me! Hey, Oban isn’t that far, we’ve had applications from as far away as Rome, now that’s a commute! Of course we will have our Risotto Funghi at Don Costanzo, he’s already been picking away in anticipation! Looking forward to seeing you both again and enjoy the retirement when it arrives! Take care and we’ll see you soon!

  3. Chris White says:

    Come on you guys – pull the fingers out – Mr Murray and I are desperate to come along for lunch – we’re now suffering from withdrawal symptoms and can’t wait until Christmas.

    • jo says:

      Fingers are being pulled out as we speak! We’re doing our best but waiting for the ok to open is taking forever! Believe us, we’re more desperate than you are to open! Costanzo is going stir crazy being stuck at home and cannot wait to get back to work again. Hopefully we will have some news at the end of this month, fingers crossed. See you both soon!

  4. Len Murray says:

    Quick! get the place open as soon as possible! Chris White says he’ll buy me lunch and I want to have it before he changes his mind!

  5. jo says:

    Mr Murray, he can’t get out of it, it’s here in black and white! It will be lovely to see you again and get back into the old routine, same routine as before, just a different table! We’ll send you a table plan and you can pick your favourite table! See you soon hopefully! Remember we’re on the same number as before 0141 332 3070.

  6. Len Murray says:

    Lovely! Look forward to it.
    Love to all.

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