Is it that time already?

Countdown time, one more day until we open!  Cannot believe that it is finally time to open our doors again, it seems like so long ago, too long, that we closed down in Buchanan Street to make way for the bulldozers.  We were thinking at that time that we would be closed for a few months, never did we imagine that we would have to wait until mid November to re-open!


It’s quite exciting really, daunting but exciting.  We have been getting visitors galore coming down who just happen to be passing and it has been lovely to see everyone.  We are almost ready (well it wouldn’t be us if it didn’t go off without a hitch), just a few things to do, not much, but enough to make us slightly panic at the thought of opening and being completely organised for Wednesday lunch.  


We have been trying to relax on our final days of freedom before work rules our lives once again.  For the first time in years, we actually had 5th November (Guy Fawkes) off so we were able to do some fireworks for the kids on the correct day and not 3 days before or after  (as we usually do).  Firstly we had a fabulous plate of soup to warm us up for the freezing fog which was descending on us.  Some wonderful red wine to accompany the food was a must and off we went to the back garden to enjoy the festivities.  The men, as usual, are in charge of the fireworks, whilst we weak women remain at the back as observers, wary of the impending doom.


Costanzo, being head of the household, likes to take charge.  He always has the biggest and the best of the fireworks.  Off the men went to the end of the garden where they set about the planning of our fireworks display.  Everything in hand, they started setting them off.  All went well at first (famous last words).  The fireworks were beautiful and were much enjoyed by all of us, ooing and aahing.   Costanzo’s two son-in-law’s Stephen and Craig then headed off to the bottom of the garden to set some more off.  Next minute there are fireworks shooting off in every direction but the sky.  The garden was in complete darkness but as each firework went off, two figures were illuminated by the light of the fireworks.  As the fireworks got more and more erratic, those two figures (Stephen and Craig) could be seen running up the garden with the fireworks shooting towards them.  Costanzo in the meantime had gone to get another box of fireworks and appeared from the side of the house carrying a big box.  I say he appeared, we couldn’t see him in the dark but another wayward firework headed off in his direction and in the light we could just make him out, running with this big box towards us.  We sensible females who had been standing at the top of the garden with the children started screaming and decided to take cover indoors so promptly shut the patio doors behind us leaving the poor men outside seemingly being shot at by some rogue fireworks.  It was the funniest thing watching them running in the dark though and made for another eventful fireworks night.


We were also lucky enough to be featured in the Glasgow Evening Times on Saturday with the headline Blast from the Pasta!  Lots of nice photos of Costanzo and the restaurant plus some of our old photos of Lauren Bacall, Celia Imrie, Alice Cooper, Rupert Everett etc.  Really nice article which we have to say a big thank you to Vivienne Nichol who was kind enough to say some nice things about us!  


So, that’s it.  We open tomorrow!  Thank goodness Costanzo has decided to do it all a bit quietly with no big fanfare or commotion for the first day.  We could have put signs up saying opening soon but decided that it would be better to open quietly to give ourselves the time to get into a new routine.  Things will be chaotic, we have no doubt but at least we can ease ourselves into things slowly.  For those of you who have booked for the next few days, remember we have moved!  We had a customer booking yesterday who still thought we were in Buchanan Street!  We are 13 Woodside Crescent, Glasgow G3 7UL and our telephone number is as it was before 0141 332 3070.  


More updates to follow on how the opening day went!  Wish us luck!

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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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3 Responses to Is it that time already?

  1. Fraser says:

    Good luck for tomorrow – see you all in a few weeks!

  2. Judy Pittman says:

    Happy congratulations for your big opening. I hope all goes well and everyone is happy and full of good food and company. I can’t wait until I can get back to Glasgow for some more of Costanzo’s fabulous food!

  3. Jack Perry says:

    Wonderful news! I’ll call soon to make a booking. So glad to see you all back in business – we’ve missed you. I never got abuse anywhere else like Caprese! Hopefully that will not have changed at Don Costanzo’s. Good luck – we all wish you every success!


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