Greetings from Capri!

Once again, it’s has been a while since our last blog posting, mainly due to work getting in the way so finally I have a little time to give you a quick update of what we are getting up to whilst we are closed.

Things are going well at the new restaurant.  There is still much to do but the last time we looked it was coming along fine!  That was a couple of weeks ago though since we are now sunning ourselves once again on our annual pilgrimage to Capri!  I’m writing this at almost 7pm in the evening, the sun is shining with a temperature of around 30 degrees and we are getting ready for a nice refreshing G & T on the terrazza, heaven on earth.  It has been good not to think about all the work that has to be done when we return but already Costanzo’s mind is thinking ahead making mental lists of the work awaiting us on our return.  Until then though, we’ll enjoy what rest we can get and deal with it all when we get back!


Capri has been wonderful as usual.  Almost wall to wall sunshine and amazing food every day really does make it difficult to think about coming home.  We had the pleasure of a beautiful meal courtesy of Costanzo’s friend Giovanni who owns the Hotel Weber Ambassador here in Capri.  Many of you will already know Giovanni if you have visited Capri before as Costanzo always tells his customers to stay there due to its stunning location in Marina Piccola, directly facing the Faraglioni Rocks of Capri.  It really has the best view of any of the hotels on the island and Giovanni has only just recently completed his latest renovations to the hotel which include an outdoor glass fronted elevator and 3 swimming pools, making it even better than it was before.  What a fantastic meal we had as the sun was going down.  Spaghetti with Lobster, Parma Ham, Calamari Fritti and the most amazing hot chocolate souffle for dessert which was for me the best part!  Costanzo’s two grandsons didn’t want to leave and decided that they would prefer to stay at the Weber instead of with us!  So, if you are thinking about visiting the island and have never been before, the Weber comes highly recommended!  Just take a look at the views (but ignore the telegraph pole!)


Thank you to all of you that have been keeping in touch since we have closed. We will not forget to tell you all when we have a date for opening, don’t worry. When we get back at the end of this month we will have a better idea of when we will be opening so I will keep you updated via the blog in the meantime, just make sure you have subscribed though!


That’s all for now, our Gin and Tonic’s are calling to us!  Hope everyone is having a great summer and we will definitely be seeing you really soon!  Take Care from all of us xxx


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We are a wonderful (even though way say so ourselves!) little family run Italian restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow City Centr
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1 Response to Greetings from Capri!

  1. Connie says:

    Hi all, Glad you’re having a great summer in Capri. The Terris’s are eagerly looking forward to you re-opening! x

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